Customised Holiday in Venice

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"Without streets and vehicles, the uproar of wheels, the brutality of horses, and with its little winding ways where people crowd together, where voices sound as in the corridors of a house where the human step circulates as if it skirted the angles of furniture and shoes never wear out, the place has the character of an immense collective apartment, in which Piazza San Marco is the most adorned corner". Henry James, The Aspern Papers

Venice as we like to describe it is not a tourist’s destination, it’s a travellers’ destination. Our reasoning “Travellers see what they see; tourists see what they have gone to see”. Yes sure, when one thinks about Venice, the first images that come to mind are those of the engineering marvels, the palaces and hotels and buildings standing on posts driven deep into the water and the romantic gondola rides on the Grand Canal and its alleys. But, the greatest and best experience of Venice, is walking around the 117 islands and getting completely lost. Here, you’ll find the true spirit of Venice. It’s a place built on sheer will and unreasonable ideas. Just imagine water lapping and sometimes even entering your premises all year long, how many communities would go ahead and use such a situation, and turn it into one of the most visited and loved destinations of the World. Venice is best seen either early in the Morning before the day trippers throng down upon its shores or after they have left.

At Custom Holidays, we enlist the following things you must try out during your visit Venice:-
  • Get Lost in the alley’s of Venice – This according to us, is a must, and do it in the direction NOT taken by the crowds. You’ll be able to witness Venetian Life in the smaller alleyways, hold hands with your loved ones and just wander around, slip back a little in time and find interesting pieces of the puzzle that complete the picture of Venice. And it’s still quite easy to find our way back to San Marco Piazza or the Rialto.
  • Check out St.Marks Basilica – a fascinating place with big domes, multi – coloured marble pillars and mosaics of all sizes, this is a church not to miss. Entry is free and the entry time can be booked online to skip the line to enter. Amazing isn’t it!
  • St. Mark’s Square – The most famous place on the island city, expect hordes of people anytime of the year that you will visit. Though worth your time spent in the day, the moments spent there post sundown will be cherished for a lifetime, we guarantee.
  • Take a Tour of the Grand Canal on the slow #1 Vaporetta, the water bus. Walking around the numerous islands of Venice and burning a hole in your soles aint your style, or you’re just not wanting to walk anymore, capture in loads of Venice by taking a ride on this Vaporetta that cruises along the entire Grand Canal. Carry a guide book to recognise all the sights we say.
  • Tour the Doge’s Palace – Palazzo Ducale in the local language, this is another monument to definitely visit. Though it carries an entry fee, the walk on the Bridge of Sighs is to be experienced by one and all.
  • Explore the islands of Murano, Burano and Torcello – Indulge yourself in a day trip off the main St. Mark’s Square to visit the nearby islands of Murano, Burano and Torcello. We personally recommend the lesser explored and more soltitude offering island of Torcello with its natural beauty and 7th Century church with stunning mosaics. A total of 20 people live on the island.
  • Take in an elevated sight of Venice – Take the elevator to the top of the Campanile, or Bell Tower to capture the aerial beauty of Venice. Caution – Be prepared to become a little deaf if you go up on the hour mark.
  • Shop – Venice now boasts of many designer, boutique and budget shops. Indulge yourself or just window shop. It’ll put you in a happy mood and with an appetite to have another around of pizza or gelato.
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