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Romancing New Zealand - Sample Itinerary

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"The Garden City" or Christchruch with a population of 36,320 is actually the largest city in the South Island of New Zealand. Located on the east coast of South Island, there is nowhere else in the world where within two hours of an international airport you can ski at a world class alpine resort, play golf, bungee jump, go rafting, mountain biking, hot-air ballooning, wind surfing, whale watching and visit world class wineries and gardens.

Christchurch is a city of contrasts, where in spite of the earth quake, it remains a beautiful city, a city where you can cycle alongside the river, stay in exquisite hotels and indulge in fine sophisticated dining or a city where, just 15 minutes from the centre you can scramble up mountain bike tracks or ride a wave and surf a beach. The soul of the city and the welcoming spirit of the people remain very much intact..

A Photographer’s Delight
Christchurch has magnificent parks and Strong Gothic Revival architecture. It’s a delightful city, full of wonderful old churches and government buildings and grand parks, a very good place to wrap up a trip or start one.

The city centre is comfortingly compact and the most delightful central feature is the gently winding Avon River. On its grassy banks lined with poplars and weeping willows, office workers and visitors join street entertainers, seagulls and ducks for lunch in the sun.

Food for sporty souls and gastronomic delights for hungry hearts!
Hungry? Don’t worry because eateries of every description and nationality from Italian, French, German, Russian, Japanese to Mexican joints cheek-by-bowl are located at the centre of Christchurch. A host to many national and international Ice Hockey tournaments, figure skating, speed skating and other such events that it can easily be called a Grand Stage of Sports. The AMI Stadium, Queen Elizabeth II Park, Nunweek Park, CBS Arena, are all situated here. Christchurch also has a casino, live music venues, its own film society and art centers for those hungry for some soul food.


Amidst spectacular views of Cecil and Walter peaks, "Adventure Capital of New Zealand", Queenstown, is built around a beautiful z-shaped, crystal clear lake formed by magnificent glacial.

Queenstown, with an oceanic climate is at its best in every season. A film maker’s fascination, it has caught the eye of the industry with its unique locations. Some of which were featured in the filming of 'Lord of the Rings' film trilogy, 'I hate Love Stories' (a 2010 Bollywood romantic comedy) and ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’ to name a few.

Hungry for some thrill??

Queenstown is your best bet!
Zipping through the narrow, rocky canyons you ride a unique jet boat in extremely shallow water, which do a 360 degree spin with tourists screaming and water splashing all around you.
One of New Zealand’s top visitor destinations, Queenstown boasts of 220 adventure tourism activities. Skiing and snowboarding, white water rafting, mountain biking, sky diving and fly fishing, you have endless ones to test your limits from.
The invention city of Bungee-jumping, Queenstown has also got something new and terrifying called the Canyon Swing, where they let you loose like the world’s biggest pendulum to swing back and forth over a notably deep gorge. Then there is the usual assortment of hikes, ski slopes, quad-bikes, motocross. It’s an unusual place where these things seem so mundane.

Looking to be blessed by Tranquility?
If hardcore adventure isn't your thing, don’t panic, because Queenstown offers plenty of mellow options too. Experience one of the many walking & hiking trails, sightseeing tours or indulge yourself with spa treatments, boutique shopping and excellent food and wine. Queenstown lies close to the centre of a small wine producing region, reputed to be the world's southernmost.

A host to a number an interesting festivals like Bike Festival (March/April), Winter Festival (June), and Jazz Festival (October), Queenstown has New Zealand’s busiest helicopter base and the fourth busiest airport by passenger traffic. Queenstown is a buzzing, happy, massively exciting heaven, full of restaurants and adventure-sports shops, and with giggling, sun burnt, slightly tipsy tourists, it can be such a pleasure to refresh your senses here.

Lake Tekapo

A part of New Zealand’s largest winter and summer playground, the Southern Lakes District, Lake Tekapo is a delightful alpine village. The snow-topped mountains, turquoise blue lake and beautiful little church will captivate you with its serene charm.
A ski resort in winter and aquatic playground in summer, Lake Tekapo sits at the edge of its 20 kilometer glacial lake namesake, completely surrounded by mountains, including New Zealand’s impressive Southern Alps.

Nature’s Jewel:
The landscape is outstanding, sculpted by successive Ice Age glaciers, the remnants of which continue to discharge fine 'rock flour', giving the lake its intense turquoise hue. The sky at Lake tekapo is huge and of extraordinary clarity, making Lake Tekapo one of the world’s best locations to probe the heavens from its observatories atop Mt John.

In addition to the lure of trout and salmon fishing, Lake Tekapo offers a wide range of world-class recreational pursuits and a unique mix of activities throughout the year. After a busy day, relax in quality accommodation or the convivial bars and restaurants. The evening light on bare hills, revealing interesting contours and shades, makes for a painter’s or photographer's paradise. Several mountain bike trails are available, and walking tracks of all difficulty abound, offering truly breathtaking vistas along the way. The new Regional Park encloses the water front and offers wonderful running and cycling opportunities.

The Special Church:
On the shores on the lake, lies the beautiful Church of the Good Shepherd, where the altar window frames a perfect view of Mount Cook. Popular photo shoot spot among its visitors, this Church of Good Shepherd is also in big demand for destination marriages.

Mood Setting Climate:
The nature of the climate is harsh, ranging from hot dry summers, to cold frosty winters. Across it all, blow the hot, dry nor-westers that dictate as much as the stormy cold Southerlies, and heavy winter frosts, that the vegetation of the Mackenzie be hardy and drought resistant. Despite the climate extremes it should be noted that the area has some of the highest sunshine hours in New Zealand, and one of the lowest yearly average wind speeds.

"Lake Tekapo – where Earth meets Sky"

Franz Josef
The only place in the world where the glacier comes down to meet the rainforest, The Franz Josef region is located on the West Coast of New Zealand's South Island. An area of outstanding beauty, Franz Josef area offers you Lush rainforests, extreme mountains, magnificent glaciers and glassy rivers. Come and enjoy some of our wilderness with Giant Rivers of ice, squeezed down to the valleys to just 250 meters above sea level.

When you hit the Wild West coast, you’d better have your jaws screwed on tight. It’s astonishing, rocky and fierce, like something out of a du Maurier novel, with head-turning wind, craggy cliffs and a sea that seems like it to wants to chew you up. Dramatic? Oh, very much so.

Franz Josef Glacier
Named by a German explorer and geologist Julius von Haast in 1865, at a time when Franz Josef was the popular emperor that governed Austria, Franz Josef attracts up to 250,000 tourists every year. Many glaciers move around a foot (30 cm) per day, but Franz Josef is unique when compared to other glaciers because it has retreated and advanced large distances in the past 200 years, sometimes moving up to several feet per day! A slow moving frozen river flowing through the stunning glacial landscape changes daily, giving you a spectacular view of the scene.

Adventuring to the Glacier
Jet boating, relaxing in the hot pools, hiking and just immersing yourself in the wonderful wild West Coast atmosphere, adventure in Franz Josef Glacier takes a freezing turn. One of the more popular activities being "helihiking” involves taking a helicopter to the top of the glacier and then continuing on a one or two hour guided hike to explore different parts of the glacier. When you're finished hiking, you will be flown back off the glacier. During your flight, you will also experience more of the alpine scenery out of the window of the helicopter.

Other activities that you can explore are:
  • Glacier viewing
  • Hiking and exploring the icy wonderland of a glacier
  • Rugged mountain scenery located next to a lush rainforest

  • Franz Josef town
    One of the few towns along the isolated west coast of the South Island, the town of Franz Josef is small and quaint. Stretching half a mile of Highway 6, it has roughly ten to twenty hotels and inns. For those who wish to rough it, there are also campgrounds nearby. With about ten cafes and eateries offering local and international cuisine, Franz Josef town poses as perfectly serene retreat after the exceptional discovery of Franz Josef Glacier.
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