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No ordinary ice-cream scoop, this island of flavours will leave a lasting taste in your mouth leaving you craving for more, just like its delicious gelatos. In Sicily it seems as though the sun shines brighter, the shadows are darker, and life is lived full on and for the moment. Overloaded with art treasures, undersupplied with infrastructure and continuously struggling to thwart Mafia-driven corruption, Sicily possesses some baffling social topography. After some 25 centuries of foreign domination, Sicilians are heir to an impressive and mixed cultural legacy. This complexity of culture is matched by a startling diversity of landscape that includes the smouldering Mt Etna, an aquamarine coastline with a tiara of Aeolian Islands and Parco Naturale Regionale Delle Madonie.

Today new ventures are seeing aristocratic entrepreneurs prising open the doors of some of Europe’s finest palazzi and villas, while sensitive agriturismi (farm stay accommodations) are shedding light on Sicily’s hidden rural treasures and national parks. Sicily also has a refreshing lack of neon-blazing entertainment and theme parks, which further helps preserve its individuality and appeal. Palermo, Sicily’s capita, is a city of decay and of splendour and, provided you can handle its raw energy, deranged driving and chaos, has plenty of appeal. Sicily also offers one of Italy’s most spectacular hill towns, Erice. The Ionian coast with its exquisitely beautiful jewels like Taormina, a beautiful town, with its spectacular elevated location, cultural cachet and great beaches and the historical town of Syracruse will leave you dazzled. Sicily has so many flavours to offer that you will be overwhelmed. Drop us line if you wish to discover this traveller's gourmet delight and other lesser known delights.
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