Customised Holiday in Rome

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Rome was not built in a day, and how could it be, as it is one of the most photogenic cities in the world. This eternal city that has seen centuries and eons go by is the perfect amalgamation of new and old. Amidst all the history, a modern city lives, breathes, and buzzes with life. Rome (Roma) boasts terrific restaurants, pizzerias, trattorias, bars, and clubs besides the world famous historic monuments. Rome, it is a spectacular encyclopaedia of living history. It has been said that all roads lead to Rome, and in Rome, every road leads to eternity. The Colosseum and the Pantheon are the most recognizable symbols of the roman era worldwide, whereas the Vatican even today is the smallest independent state to have so much influence and power the world over.

Rome is so big, and has so much to offer that you will need atleast a couple of days to explore this amazing city. The Trevi fountain and Piazza Novana are amazing and a great place to people-watch. There are over 900 churches in Rome and CustomHolidays pick the best out for you to see, like one that has a crypt that is decorated completely with skeleton of Capuchin Frairs(priests). The Spanish steps are a good place to hang out and see the youth. The Capitoline Museum has a great collection. The list of places to see is long and CustomHolidays can help you plan your very own Roman holiday according to your time and personal interest.

The Vatican
Vatican city (Citta del Vaticano), the papal residence, was built over the tomb of Saint Peters. CustomHolidays can arrange a special tour for you under the St. Peters Basilica where you can visit what is believed to be the bones of St. Peters as well as Constantine’s Church and the pagan church over which Constantine built. This 3hour tour will take you eons back in history. This very small, but exciting city is within Rome and a must on any tourists itinerary. Inside the Vatican City you can find 11 Vatican Museums with the restored Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel. The Vatican Gardens are an enchanted place, a system of large and small gardens, fountain, fish pool and enclosures for rabbits. They date back to medieval times.
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