Customised Holiday in Reunion

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The very French island of Reunion will leave you mesmerised. This little gem glistening amidst the crystal waters of the Indian Ocean will catch any tourist or travellers fancy alike. With its more popular neighbours like Seychelles and Mauritius hogging all the limelight this little jewel is less visited, it is however no less beautiful or picturesque than them.

Reunion is a territory of France. This tiny island will amaze you with its diversity. From charming little villages and chic boutiques to 17 miles of welcoming beaches on the west coast and an active volcano on the east coast. There are dense forests and unique “cirques”, natures own amphitheatres separating the two coasts. Full of trails you can explore and glistening waterfalls you can dip in, you won’t run out of activities on this island. Chill on the beaches, surf the waves, scuba dive or snorkel. Try your hand at hang- gliding, paragliding, rafting or kayaking. The activity that excites me the most is taking a super light flight over the volcano. There are outfits that organise these, some even when the volcano is active and they can be taken in tandem with an experienced guide. And if all this is not enough, just take a peek at the photos and you will be mesmerised. And all of this on a tiny island not more than a 2512 square metres. Need we say more?
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