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Short Getaways around Bangkok
On a business trip to Bangkok and have only one extra day in Thailand, or don’t have much energy left after the shopping and partying in Bangkok? Well we have some exquisite getaways not too far from Bangkok listed below that will rejuvenate you and leave you refreshed.

Just 3 hours away from busy Bangkok is Kanchanburi, the capital city of the largest province of Thailand, famous for its slow and languid pace. The city of Gold as its name literally translates to, is famous for its role in World War II and has many a monuments in the memory of lives lost here on the banks of its Kwai River. The main attraction here though is the mystical seven tiered Erawan waterfall, where fish nibble on your feet the minute you enter the unbelievable green waters welcoming you with a free pedicure. The gazillion years old Phra That Caves with stalagmite and stalactite caves with Buddha shaped silica formation that glitter like diamonds in flashlights and Erawan National Park where trees are thick as sumo wrestlers and thick vines drop from skies making these heavily foliaged forests look like they are stooped in dusk at all times all beckon. There is abundance of wild-life to be encountered here. Also there is Wangpo Elephant Park where you can ride elephants that take you for a short ride down a jungle path, a dip in the river while on their backs and back to where you started hoping you could ride a little longer. Need we say more or should we just plan your trip to this amazing discovery near Bangkok?

Koh Samet
What if there was an island just 3hrs swim from Bangkok that offered you everything Phuket or Phi Phi will? Well Koh Samet is where the locals go to chill and relax. This tiny island has amazing sandy beaches you can bask on, turquoise waters filled with marine life that you will discover while snorkeling or scuba diving. There are tiny islands around one prettier than the other that you can explore by hiring a boat. You can stick to Koh Samet as well and let us warn you the roads are a nightmare which make riding all-terrain bikes for hire here all the more fun. There are many good eateries and stalls selling everything from bikinis to snacks on the island.
A fire dance show takes place in the evenings on Sai Kaew beach that then turns into a makeshift disco for locals and tourists alike. Enjoy the many water sports this island offers or just unwind with a book on the beach. That is probably the reason this paradise exists anyway.

Few visit Bangkok and miss this neighbouring city famous for sensational lights & nights. Asia’s first and foremost Sin City lures with all its charm and promise. This tourist magnet has been attracting travellers for decades and seems to be just getting better at it. The gorgeous half-moon of Pattaya Bay swoops around the headland to more refined Hat Jomtien, and delicate sea-breezes whip up a heady cocktail of suntan lotion, fast food, motorcycle and jet-ski fumes. After dark the tourists’ eyes open even wider with a stroll past Pattaya’s infamous go-go bars amid the sex tourism hub of Walking St. Pattaya’s a stay up late kind of town, but wake up earlier than most and there are activities galore. Hit the dive shops to explore the city’s offshore reefs and wrecks, or get some fresh air on world-class golf courses. And if you’re here with the family and kids, you will find plenty to do to make it a real holiday. The town’s wicked essence remains defiantly intact, but around the fringes it’s softening and becoming more inclusive. If you welcome it with a dash of confidence and a pinch of adventure, Pattaya’s sun-kissed pursuit of happiness might prove irresistible.

Hua Hin
The oldest and most traditional Thai resort just 3 hours and couple of minutes from Bangkok, it combines the attractions of a modern holiday destination with the charm and fascination of a still active fishing port. Today's visitor to Hua Hin will still sense this special atmosphere and old world charm. Besides sun-filled days on the mile-long beach there are leisure activities for the whole family from water-sports to golf. The area around the town let's you discover fabulous parks and peaks, caves and waterfalls. In the evening the winding roads with a great variety of shops make a great stroll. And the restaurants built on stilts into the sea offer superb seafood in the legendary and unsurpassed preparation of the Thai cuisine. Don’t come looking for a party-at-all-costs backpacker scene. Instead you can fill your time with 18 holes at the Royal Hua Hin Golf Course or go horseback riding on the beach. After dark there’s a cosmopolitan restaurant scene to explore, rustic seafood restaurants on the pier to visit, or the simple culinary charms of one of Thailand’s best night markets to sample. Development has encroached onto government land, and trying to spot the sea is a frustrating exercise along many parts of the beach road. Despite the development Hua Hin is bravely clinging to the beachside atmosphere that kicked things off back in 1922. Compared to Pattaya, the other main beach destination near Bangkok, Hua Hin is (relatively) serene, and is a favourite with families and older travellers.
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