Customised Holiday in Naples & Capri

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Naples, the hometown of Pizza and the capital of Campania region of Italy is as unforgettable, seductive and heady as your first love. This heel of the Italian boot, both literally and figuratively represents all good things Italian, it’s about ‘la dolce vita.’ Set around one of the most beautiful bays in Italy, the Bay of Naples and lying in the shadow of Mount Vesuvius, , Naples is the third-largest city in Italy.

With a colourful street life, chaotic traffic, and numerous narrow and winding alleyways that lead to many quaint shops and restaurants, Naples is truly unforgettable. In fact the street is where Naples happens. Life is lived here in all its chaotic glory.

One of the most exciting, vivid places you’ll ever visit, Naples also has some beautiful architecture, a thriving port area, and frequent ferries out to the romantic islands of Capri and Ischia; and the ancient world lies just out of town in the ruins of Pompeii and Herculaneum. Naples also serves as a good base to explore the breathtakingly beautiful regions of Sorrento and Amalfi Coast.

Capri - Anacapri
The two towns of Capri and AnaCapri on the tiny island are a Mediterranean delight. They can be reached from Naples or Sorrento via frequent ferries or hydrofoils. The town of Capri has more tourists while Anacapri is a bit quieter. The world- famous blue grotto is truly magical. There are two blue grottos however, one you can swim in is smaller and another you can explore in a row boat is bigger. Both however are equally beautiful. The walk to Natural Arc is beautiful with quaint houses surrounded with gardens of oversized cacti and scented groves of lemons and citrus.

The towns offer good shopping and small harming eatries. A day on the island is like being transported to a greek isle with azure seas, tiny locatities, narrow winding and steep roads leading to secret eatries and shops, lined with whitewashed houses. We found the beautiful church of St Michele Arcangelo its floor laid with centuries old mosaic, just strolling through the streets, you might discover something yourself on this magical island. The best way to get around is to hire a scooter even though the island has local busses. The road leading to Anacapri climbs upwards awarding you with amazing views of the sea and the port. The lush greenery also drops the temperature by a few degrees rewarding you with cool breeze in the shade of the foliage.

The islands offer many activities like swimming, some water sports, sunbathing etc. Scuba diving is also an option as is snorkelling. Another way to see the tiny island is to hire a boat that takes you around the island to all tourist spots.
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