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Beautiful, gorgeous Malta steeped in prehistoric ruins, tales of the Knights of St. John and 7,000 years of history, along with neighbours Gozo and Comino -- is a cultural powerhouse. The Maltese population is distributed on three of the 18 islands that form the Maltese archipelago. Bleached by centuries of Mediterranean sun, Malta's capital, Valletta, and the fortified Mdina guard art treasures, palaces and mighty cathedrals. Modern visitors aren't the only ones who have found Malta alluring: With its Siculo-Arabic language, Italian-inspired food, British pubs and phone boxes, it's apparent that throughout history everyone has wanted a taste of this remarkable island. From sandy beaches to pebbly coves and rocky coastlines Malta has it all. Malta is the largest island of the archipelago, by extension and population. It is as varied as it can be: even within the cities the mixture of sacred and profane, of ancient and new can be found in the same street. It’s capital city Valletta has been entirely declared UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The old capital city, Mdina, is built on a hill ,the “Silent city”, as the Maltese call it, offers a unique mixture of medieval and baroque architecture enclosed by walls and bastions. The area of St. Julians and Paceville, where the Maltese nightlife carries on till the smaller hours, in clubs, bars, restaurants and lounges, with different styles and music, to please everyone. Gozo's charm is apparent the moment you arrive there. Greener, cleaner, more rural and smaller than Malta, life on Gozo moves at a leisurely pace. Gozitans are known for their friendliness and welcoming nature, often going out of their way to help visitors tiny creeks, beaches of red sand, turquoise bays, stretches of limestone criss-crossed with tiny saltpans and majestic high cliffs falling in a sheer drop into the clear waters. An incredible diving experience, the spectacular Blue Hole, beneath the Azure Window is a must for the diving enthusiast.

The tiny Island of Comino is situated right in the middle of the channel that separates mainland Malta from the island of Gozo. It is the smallest inhabited island of the Maltese Archipelago and the most pristine one, attracting all those who love swimming, snorkelling, diving, and other water sports. Between Comino and its adjacent island Cominotto lies the so-called Blue Lagoon.
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