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Istanbul could mockingly be referred to as the "Tale of 2 Cities". The European Istanbul is the louder, hipper and more cheerful part of Istanbul across the Bosphorous from the quieter, richer and cultural Asian Istanbul. Istanbul is a melange of the old and the new, the forgotten and the newly found, of a history boasting of 3 cultures to Istanbul's new found freedom and voice in this world. This City straddling Europe and Asia will leave you spellbound and amazed, we assure you.

Istanbul is constantly redefining itself and finding its feet. Its historic monuments and museums, which are truly many in number, attract thousands of tourists to spend their days, but it's at night when Istanbul comes truly alive. The abundance of high quality restaurants, bars, galleries and clubs are filled up locals and tourists alike, revelling in an infectious sense of joie de vivre.

These attractions don't take away from the traditions and institutions that have formed this city, they only add to the flavour of Istanbul. To completely grasp the essence of this bustling city, CustomHolidays urges you to experience these places when in Istanbul:
  • Monumental Masterpieces - Without a doubt, the most visited and tourist filled regions of Sultanahmet boast the incredible Aya Sophia and the Blue Mosque. The Aya Sophia was the biggest place of worship of Christendom for 1000 years. Compared to the Blue Mosque, the exterior may seem ordinary, but as they say, never judge a book by its cover. The true beauty of Aya Sophia lies in its mesmerising interiors. A monument bearing both Christian and Muslim mosaics, this is a place to get lost in time and feel the peace amidst the grandeur. The Blue Mosque is nearby to the Aya Sophia and is breathtaking from its first glimpse. Though the visit to the Blue Mosque can get to be a little monotonous as you walk in line, admire the interiors and get out, it's well worth the effort.
  • Grab a dinner at the terraced restaurants of Eminonu and Beyoglu. Istanbul offers many views to please the people looking for some romance.
  • The Grand Bazaar and the Spice Bazaar - You have definitely heard/read about the Grand Bazaar before you reach Istanbul. And yet, it manages to disorient you once you've stepped into the small entry gate manning the bazaar that's been formed hundreds of years ago. Get lost, haggle away and feel smug to have purchased a souvenir so cheap. The Spice Bazaar will either assault your senses or bring them alive, either ways; you'll be swamped by colours and smells. Give in to some temptation and munch away as you stroll through here.
  • Don't have enough time to explore the banks of the Bosphorous? No sweat! Climb abroad the Sunset Cruise ferry's to soak in the sights and sounds of this metropolis as the sky turns an orange - red. A perfect remedy to the fatigue of sightseeing done in the day.
  • Feel like royalty, immersing in world-famous Turkish baths or Hamams as they are popularly called. Imagine a spa set in a palace like 16th century monument. To experience decedance Turkish style try Cemberlitas Hamami or Cagaloglu Hamami in Istanbul.
  • Party the night and your moolah away at Turkish super clubs. The sybaritic strip between Ortakoy and Kurucesme is home to a bunch of nightclubs that epitomise the word indulgence - here patrons enjoy lavish settings, gourmet food, perfectly executed cocktails and a passing parade of Armani-clad businessmen, models, celebs and local hotties. Ankara maybe the Capital of Turkey but Istanbul remains the commercial, cultural, financial powerhouse and it's the number-one city of Turkey in all senses but the name.

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