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Tempted to hurl yourself off a bridge, down a cliff or a raging river - Visit Switzerland.
That could be an appropriate tagline for their next advertisement. Switzerland ranks second in the number of adventure activities undertaken, beaten only by New Zealand. The epicentre of Switzerland's adventure activity is none other than Interlaken. Interlaken is presided over by 3 gigantic mountains of Eiger, Monch & the World Famous Jaungfrau. With these wonders at Interlaken's doorstep, it's hard to remain in town for more than a couple of days before you head out to explore these timeless wonders. To enjoy the views of Interlaken & the mighty peaks surrounding it, hop onto the funicular to Ride upto the Heimwehfluh & Harder Klum, we assure you, it's an evening well spent. For a botanical revelation, head to the Alpengarten (unless you've thoroughly explored the Valley of Flowers, India), others head to the St. Beatus Caves, where stalactites and stalagmites are amazingly lit, showcasing the beauty of a few million years' work. For us, both places are a Must Visit.

Known famously as the "Top of Europe", this region offers its visitors the beauty of Alpine Snow, Ice & Rock. The train journey, the station at Jungfrau, the Sphinx Observatory all come together to create some beautiful memories.

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