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Romancing Greece - Sample Itineraries

Explore the other regions of Greece
Athens Greek Islands

There is much that has been written and said about the beauty of the Greek islands. But lost in the commotion over Mykonos, Santorini, Rhodes and Corfu is the fact that some of the most beautiful and interesting places in Greece are not on the islands, but on the mainland. Mainland Greece can be broken down into small groups, which comprise of Athens, the Peloponnese, Thessaly and Central Greece, Epirus and Macedonia and Thrace in the north

Lots of great beaches, sea, mountains, interesting towns like Githeon and the birthplace of Olympic Games make the Peloponnese a great getaway. We believe city of Nafplio will leave an impression as the prettiest with Venetian its houses and neoclassical Mansions, lots of terrific restaurants, ouzeries and nightlife and some really impressive fortresses. There are plenty of nice beaches in the area too. Archaeological sites of Mycenae, Epidavros and Corinth; the ruined Byzantine city of Mystras; and ancient Sparta will take you back to ancient times. Monemvasia will thrill you, and the Venetian fortress and Byzantine church offer amazing views. Kalavryta offers great skiing, beautiful mountains, a fantastic gorge and a narrow gauge train that climbs through it for 22 kilometres past waterfalls and rapids, and the spectacular Cave of the Lakes. This is a nice place to visit in the off-season, especially when there is snow, according to us.

Central Greece and Thessaly
Combining mountainous areas and beautiful beaches, as well as the large island of Evia, Central Greece is a perfect destination for holidays in Greece full of relaxation and peace and tranquility. Delphi where they say the Oracle still lives is stunning and Meteora with its giant rock formations crowned with five-hundred year old monasteries which look like they are inaccessible to anyone but James Bond is one of the most amazing places on earth. To the east the Pelion peninsula is crisscrossed with old cobblestone donkey paths that link lush mountain hamlets with seaside coves and fishing villages.

Northern Greece
With its astonishing wealth of natural attractions and a unique blend of histories and cultures, Northern Greece is arguably the country's most fascinating region, yet one that remains relatively undiscovered. Its major metropolis, Thessaloniki, offers outstanding eateries, nightlife and shopping, while towns like Xanthi and Komotini in Thrace, Kastoria and Edessa in Macedonia, and Ioannina and Metsovo in Epiros offer an enthralling mix of traditional architecture, historical sites and welcoming locals.
The waters of Northern Greece are equally enticing, ranging from Halkidiki's hidden Aegean beaches to the tranquil Prespa Lakes and Evros Delta marshes, all home to rare bird populations. Other waterways, such as the Nestorio River in western Macedonia and the Ardas in eastern Thrace, host rockin' summer festivals. The stylish Mediterranean resort of Parga, on the aquamarine Ionian Sea, has great sandy beaches and nightlife. The 46 charming Zagoria villages with their impressive slate and stone architecture all preserved over the years is an experience you don't want to miss. Mt Olympus, Greece's highest Peak, is both the fabled refuge of the ancient Greek gods and an excellent hiking destination. Vikos gorge with mountainous peaks, ravines, forests and beautiful rivers on the Pindus range are also great for hiking in the Epiros region.

There is nothing like exploring the less travelled places, and to experience that rush or just to discover the other gorgeous half of Greece that most tourists miss hopping from one hyped island to another contact us.

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