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Romancing Greece - Sample Itineraries

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Athens Greek Mainland

To most people Greece is a bunch of islands in the Mediterranean, and even though Greece has a mainland that offers a lot to tourists and travellers alike, we have to agree that Greece is not 'Greece' without its many islands. To make it easier these islands are divided into groups depending their location or history and CustomHolidays can plan a trip to any of these islands that fancy you.

Saronic Gulf Islands
Located closest to Athens these islands, as the name mentions are jewels of the Saronic Gulf. The three islands of Aegina, Hydra and Spetses form this group. These islands have great beaches, interesting historic sites and are very popular for day breaks from Athens.

Probably most visited islands in Greece, these are also the most popular and roll off most tourists' tongues easily. Party-capital Mykonos and beautiful whitewashed Santorini don't need any words to describe their world famous beauty and allure. The archaeological marvel of Delos with its restriction to stay overnight will all leave you spellbound. Laid-back Paros serves as the ferry port for the Cyclades and has some good swimming beaches. Naxos is the biggest and greenest of the Cyclades and its fascinating main-town, excellent beaches and striking interior are popular with families. Ios is fast taking over the title as the party- capital from Mykonos and also offers great beaches with fun activities to keep you entertained during the day. The Cyclades are easily accessible by ferry from Athens and feature on most travel itineraries. Andros, Tinos, Syros, Amorgos, Anafi, Sikinos, Folegandros, Milos, Kimolos, Sifnos , Serifos, Kythnos and Kea make up the rest of the glimmering Cyclades.

This gorgeous group of 18 islands are in close proximity to Turkey and often visited by many travelling to Turkey and Greece. The largest of these, Rhodes is a fine island offering sunny days, sandy beaches, blooming flowers and a World Heritage Site listed old town, to those who kiss its shores. Symi is the most popular day-trip option from Rhodes. Kos only 5kms from Turkey, is the most glamorous of the Dodecanese with its palm-lined streets, neon cafes and pulsing clubs, almost emitting a mini- Las Vegas aura. Patmos is another great island to unwind and not to be missed for the religiously inclined, as St John wrote his revelations here and it has been a pilgrim destination since years. Astypalia is a butterfly shaped gem of an island you will never want to leave where as visiting the hissing floor of Nisros's dormant volcano will leave you weak in the knees. The lesser known islands of Dodecanese like Lipsi, Leros, Kalymnos, Tilos, Kastellorizo, Kasos, Karpethos, Arki and Marathi , Haliki and Agathonisi are off most tourists' radar and missing on many maps, however if you wish to visit any of these islands, off the beaten track do drop us a line.

Northeastern Aegean Islands
Diverse, mysterious and achingly beautiful, the islands of the Northeastern Aegean offer endless rewards to those intrepid enough to seek them out. The island of Ikaria with its bizarre rock formations, therapeutic hot springs and white- pebbled beaches is unique, as is Lesvos, famous for its 11million olive trees as well as ouzo, Greece's national aniseed- flavoured drink. Fourni Islands were pirates lairs in the past, today haunted by tourists, they produce the best seafood in Greece. Lush Mountains, sweet local wines, sacred ancient sites and almost tropical beaches make Samos an appealing getaway. Chios offers extra-ordinary caves, medieval stone villages, remote mountains and a Hellinic night-life. Psara and Inousses prospered in Ottoman times and today one third of Greece's shipping barons come from here. Besides the balmy island perks, Limnos has spectacular flocks of flamingos and central plains filled with wild-flower in spring and autumn. Agios Efstratios has a modest night-life, Samothraki offers best hiking options in all of Greece and child-friendly Thasos is popular with families.

Ionian Islands
Sweeping down the west coast of the Greek mainland, discovering these islands is a tantalising experience.
The influences of Bristish, Venetian and French invading forces offer something for culture vultures, while the beauty and geography offers a lot for adventure seekers and beach bums. Corfu and Zakynthos or Zante as its popularly called are probably the most developed for tourism and offer modern resorts and a great nightlife. Inspite of mass tourism the beauty of these islands is compelling and while Zante's Shipwreck beach is probably the most photographed, Corfu offers innumerable water-sports. You can dive, mountain-bike, go walking, horse-riding, bird-watching to wine-tasting and golfing on Corfu. The blue caves are also a big attraction on Zakynthos and it hosts the largest of Loggerhead turtle nests. Paxi, Lefkada, Ithaki, Kefallonia and Kythira all have their own appeal, allure and flavour you must discover.

Evia and the Sporades
Some would be surprised that Evia is an island at all as it is joined by a short bridge to the mainland at Halkida. Evia's gateway resorts get their share load of weekend visitors but the rest of the island offers hill-top monasteries, small farms and vineyards, herds of goats and pristine bays to those who explore this gem hidden in plain view.
Sporades too are a great find for visitors. Skyros retains local character offers unique cuisine loved by locals and visitors alike. Skiathos claims the sandiest beaches in the Aegean, alongwith several prime diving spots. Low-key Skopelos kicks back with a postcard -worthy harbour, beaches and forest meadows laced with old walking trails. Alonnisos anchors the National Marine Park of Alonnisos, established to protect the Mediterranean monk seal.

From fertile coastal plains to rugged barren mountains, from mellow stone houses to stark concrete modernity, from bustling capital to sleepy hill villages, Crete, the largest of the Greek Islands, is an island of contrasts. Crete is a different world compared to other parts of Greece. Crete is a place with its own tradition, its own character and its own dialect. The island has everything to offer: mountainous landscapes, a coast with many beautiful beaches and rocky coves, beautiful towns and charming villages and harbors, excellent food, ruins like Knossos, of the Minoan Civilization, one of the greatest civilization ever and an exciting nightlife. The distinct Cretan cuisine renowned for its life-prolonging qualities adds an interesting culinary dimension to your Cretan holiday.
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