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Fiji Overview
'Fiji- Where happiness finds you'. This line used by the Fiji Tourism Board is apt as you will never be as happy and content as you will be in Fiji. Fijians are the worlds happiest people and not just in resorts and hotels but in any corner of Fiji a welcoming ‘Bula!’ is on their ever smiling lips. And why not, you too would be ever smiling if you lived on this island paradise.

Glistening in the South Pacific, Fiji is a tiny island nation close to Australia, New Zealand and BoraBora. Unlike its neighbours that attract tourists by the bucket-load, Fiji has just sprung on the world traveller’s radar. This means unspoilt beaches to laze on, crystal clear waters to snorkel and virgin dive sites to discover. There are lush forests with trails leading to gushing waterfalls where you can have picnic lunches and giant sand dunes to climb and come rolling down, laughing like children.

If not for its natural beauty head to Fiji for some world class resorts and hotels. The resorts here are eco friendly, high on privacy and luxury and best of all spoil you with Fijian hospitality. Fijians treat their guests like family and every small requirement and request is catered to with a smile and Fijian extravaganza. They will treat you to private dinners on the beach, waterfall lunches, cave breakfasts and exquisite spa treatments with natural Fiji products and that too in spectacular settings!

Fiji offers accommodation for all pockets and abounds in activities. From horse riding to cannibal cave treks to river rafting, Fiji has it all. Enjoy innumerable water sports, sky diving, ATV safaris and forest treks. You can take it easy too with a cocktail in the infinity pool or just enjoy the sunset from your hammock. The food too is a delight as Fiji has many tropical fruits and vegetables growing locally and the Indian influences in the food ensure vegetarians have a feast. For the carnivores the seafood and local preparations are a gastronomic delight.

Culture Vultures will find Fiji delightful with its cannibal past, local traditions like Kava ceremony and meke dances. Fiji is populated with local Fijians, Indians that were bought here by the British and Aussies and New Zealanders drawn by tourism. Hence the culture here is a unique mix of all these places.

So weather it is a romantic honeymoon, a family vacation or just a getaway trip, Fiji is the perfect answer to all your travel dreams.
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