Customised Holiday in Dolomites

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If you thought Switzerland was the only place for snowcapped peaks, amazing ski-slopes and thrilling hiking trails, think again. The pictures you see are not of world famous Swiss Alps, but the Italian Dolomites. Once under Austria these majestic peaks now provide one of the most thrilling scenery and exclusive ski resorts of Italy. The jagged colourful peaks are magical during sun rise and sunsets, changing colours from blue-grey to purple to red. They are popular during winters for their ski resorts and during summer for the scenic kid-friendly strolls to hardcore mountain treks.

Cortina D’Ampezzo, surrounded by some of the most dramatic scenery, is one of Italy’s most famous, fashionable and expensive ski resorts. Canazi and Val Gardena are other popular resorts in Val di Fassa area of Dolomites. These are more pocket friendly options than Cortina D’Ampezzo.

The Dolomites are an area less frequented by horded of tourists compared to Italy’s more famous areas but let me assure you Italy will offer you everything you ask for leaving no time or need to explore its European neighbours. The language spoken in the Dolomites is primarily German and not Italian as they were under Austrian territory for years , till Austria lost in World War and this scenic treasure-trove landed under Italian territory. The ruggedness of the Dolomites is in sharp contrast to the lush greenery of the neighbouring Alps in the Italian peninsula but no less picturesque infact its all the more thrilling and breathtaking.
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