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Those who think Thailand is only crowded cities, cheap shopping and great beaches with full moon parties, let me introduce you to Chiang Mai. This 2nd largest city in Thailand and the principle city of northern Thailand will expose you to true unexplored jewels of this amazing country. For decades, travellers have flocked to its winding roads and teakwood mansions, drawn to the city’s reputation as a centre for Buddhist learning and its position as a gateway to the hills and wildlife reserves of North Thailand.

This laid-back city on the banks of River Ping, is surprisingly small but mind you has a lot to offer. A primary centre for handicrafts Chiang Mai produces best quality silks, wood, silver, ceramics and more, making it the county’s top shopping destination for arts and crafts. The province of Chiang Mai spreads wide and far beyond the city, offering some of the most stunning views in the country. Gorgeously emerald paddy fields, lush mountains and forests filled with wild-life, flora and fauna force you to relax and leave all worries behind. Nature enthusiasts are spoilt for choice as there are many national parks to choose from, where they can have close encounters with animals. They can choose to ride elephants into the forests or take four-wheel drives on jungle trails. The Elephant Life Experience park or E.L.E. is a must visit as you can feed, bathe, ride and understand these gorgeous creatures that even paint for you. Float down the Ping River on bamboo rafts as you pass teak and lychee tress your legs bobbing in the water at all times, it is an experience that works like a soothing massage releasing all knots and tensions in your brain and body alike.

The cultural classes, museums, yoga classes, cooking classes and visits to tribal Hmnog villages will let you experience Thai culture and traditional way of life. The city itself offers a fantastic aquarium, national museum and Ban Thawai Village, the biggest shopping centre for handicrafts in Chiang Mai. The Chiang Mai night safari is an experience not to be missed, and you will get to see white tigers, jaguars and many more fascinating animals. Doi Inthanon National Park is probably the top attraction in Chiang Mai with beautiful seven-layered waterfalls, nature trails and Hmong and Karen hill tribe villages. It also houses Thailand’s highest peak, Doi Inthanon from where it gets its name. Chiang Mai is slowly being discovered and will soon turn into a tourist trap rather than a travellers escape. The region is beautiful and large enough to entice travellers even if it is commercialised, but do visit this haven of tranquil and emerald green before it is made a target of mass tourism.
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