Customised Holiday in Central Spain

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Romancing Spain - Sample Itineraries
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Castilla la Mancha
Castilla-La Mancha, a region to the south of Madrid encompasses the vast plains of central Spain - a land of fairytale castles, wine and windmills. It's the producer of Spain's best cheese, Manchego, and it's a region which boasts the world's biggest vineyard. One of the most fascinating villages in Castilla-La Mancha is Cuenca famous for 15th century 'casas colgadas' (hanging houses) that cling impossibly to the sides of sheer cliffs 200 metres above the junction of two river canyons. Unlike the arid plains of La Mancha, Cuenca province is a hikers' haven of lush forests, mountains, scenic gorges and waterfalls. Toledo the former capital of Spain is certainly one of the country's architectonical treasures, with magnificent monuments especially from Moorish, Mudejar, Gothic and Renaissance periods. Toledo was also the hometown of the great painter El Greco.

Castilla y Leon
To the North of Madrid, Castile y Leon is the magical "land of the castles" is a place where ancient history, myth and legend have become so interwoven over the centuries that it's sometimes hard to separate the facts from the fairytales. It's a fact that Walt Disney used Segovia's fairytale Moorish fortresses the inspiration for his famous Sleeping Beauty castle. And it's also a fact that the region is home to a province which boasts more medieval castles than anywhere else in Europe. Segovia's top tourist attraction is its fabulous palace / castle - the Moorish Alcazar built in the 12th and 13th centuries and replicated in 20th century Disney cartoons and theme parks and it's one of the best preserved aqueducts in the world - constructed from 20,400 stones which have held fast for more than 2,000 years without the aid of a single drop of mortar. The city of Salamanca is a university town and Leon is famous for Roman empires biggest gold mines - La Medulas.

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