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Cappadocia pronounced Kapadokya, situated in Central Turkey is the last place one would consider for relaxing and rejuvenating oneself. There are no turquoise blue seas, no rolling grasslands nor dense richly coloured forests, the landscape here is primarily shades of beige. Shocked? Well, that's what Cappadocia will make you feel when you first get the glimpse; with its rock formations, fairy chimneys and underground cities. It's truly fascinating what a million years of soil erosion and an ancient active volcano can do! Cappadocia is a far cry from any other place you have ever been, in Turkey or anywhere for that matter. To put it in perspective, Cappadocia doesn't have the potpourri that makes Istanbul or the history that defines Ephesus, what works for it are the wealth of boutique resorts, amazing sunset views, warm locals who all enhance the beauty of the unique landscape we know as Cappadocia. But before we let you get too comfortable with a serene picture of Cappadocia, let us take you on a journey of a lifetime.

A Hot Air Balloon ride over the landscape of Cappadocia is as romantic as Paris and as Adventurous as diving in the Red Sea. Follow this up with explorations of underground cities and ancient churches which will leave you with that feeling of WOW! An open air museum visit, once the many tour buses leave is an ideal way to explore the rock hewn cave churches and understand the history of the place.

No experience will ever be complete if one does not sleep in the numerous cave hotels on offer in Cappadocia. Listed as one of the most unusual accommodations in the World, these cave hotels will transport you into another era complete with all modern facilities. Like everything else about Cappadocia, this too is unique to the land. Cappadocia may mean many things to people, but the best way we sum it up is "This is a place we want to stay a little longer".
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