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Of all the provinces of Spain, the most history-rich and evocative is Andalusia in southern Spain. It offers three of the grandest cities in all of Europe: Seville, Granada, and Córdoba, in that order. Home of flamenco, sherry, and the country's most spectacular festivities and bullfights, Andalusia also possesses the grandest monuments, especially the Mezquita in Córdoba and the Alhambra in Granada.

Here in the region's capital and biggest city, that special Andalucian way of life is distilled into its purest and most intense form. Seville has the most passionate and portentous Semana Santa (Holy Week), the most festive and romantic annual feria (fair) in April, the best tapas bars, the best nightlife and the most stylish people in Andalucía. It has more narrow, winding, medieval lanes and romantic, hidden plazas soaked in the scent of orange blossom than half of Andalucía's other cities put together. It's the home of those two bulwarks of Andalucian tradition, flamenco and bullfighting, and its heritage of art and architecture (Roman, Islamic, Gothic, Renaissance, baroque) is without rival in southern Spain. A hybrid of Islamic and European traditions, this fusion is best reflected in the splendor of the Alcazar, a palace still in use by members of the Spanish royal family.

Granada has an edge over other Andalucian cities. Many visitors don't get past the allure of the Alhambra, with its woods and the Sierra Nevada as magnificent backdrops, and the mystery of the winding streets of the Albayzín. Granada is Andalucía's hippest, youthful city, with a free-tapas culture, innovative bars, tiny flamenco holes and thumping clubs and Spain's hottest nightlife - no mean feat in a country famous for its fiestas.

Ten centuries ago Cordoba was the capital of Muslim Spain. Today this provincial capital is known chiefly for its mosque, the world-famous Mezquita. The old Arab and Jewish quarters are famous for their narrow streets lined full of whitewashed houses with flower-filled patios and balconies. Córdoba has recently joined the ranks of UNESCO's World Heritage Sites. It is also today a thriving modern city with great restaurants, thronged taverns and a hip nightlife.

Costa Del Sol
Glistening in the sun all year round this gem of a coast stretching from the harbour city of Algeciras to the port city of Almería draws more than two million people a year. The area is famous for its hundreds of beaches to be enjoyed along this coast, from quiet, hidden coves to trendy stretches of sand with fashionable beach clubs populated by celebrities and beautiful people from all over the world. The coast is often nicknamed "The Costa del Golf," for it boasts one of the highest representation of first class golf courses. To entertain families and children, there are theme parks, including water parks, safari parks, go karting, and many beautifully landscaped public gardens. The younger generation are typically crowding in the areas of attraction like the Puerto Marina and the popular '24 hour square' of Benalmadena, as well as in Marbella's Puerto Banus, Torremolinos, Fuengirola, Mijas Costa, Estepona, Sotogrande and finally Gibraltar are other popular towns along the coast. These places are very trendy and hip, and of course, knowing the youth's preference for late night fun, these bars and clubs don't get up and alive until near midnight, and stay open until the wee hours of the morning. Today the coast suffers from overdevelopment but the beauty and appeal still attracts and the best way to explore is to rent a car.

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