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The Aegean Coast which boasts of more ancient ruins per sq km than any other region in the World will achieve 2 things, satisfy the appetite for history in a traveller and ignite the curiosity and passion for the same in a tourist. This region of historical wonder, unique landscape, sandy beaches and welcoming seas is a treasure trove for all ages. Start your journey from Turkey's 3rd largest city, Izmir. This city has the closest airport for visiting all the wonders around and is a good base to kick start your travels from. It's proximity to the nearby Ephesus is really a boon. Ephesus was once the 2nd largest city in the Roman Empire, preceded only by Rome. Hence, you can imagine the history and architecture on display. The relics and ruins are in excellent condition even now, centuries after which they were built and only help one imagine the scale and grandiose of the city that was once Ephesus. The highlight of the city is the Library of Celsus.

Gallipoli established itself in the Hearts of the Turks and earned a significant spot on the map after World War 1. In 1915, Australian, New Zealand and British soldiers landed on the shores of Gallipoli hoping for a quick victory against the Turks, but their plans were put to waste by a relatively unknown officer of the Turkish Army, Mustafa Khemal Ataturk. The man who formed independent Turkey. The biggest draw for visitors is on April 25, the Anzac Day. This day a dawn service commemorates the anniversary of the landing of the Allies. The easiest way to see the memorials in this National Park is on a minibus tour from Cannakale. Troy - a name that's as well known to all readers of history as Romeo & Juliet and its story fascinates one and all even today. A story where the Greeks pretended to retreat and call peace, hid soldiers in a wooden horse, breached the gates and ultimately captured the city, all in the name of King Menelaus' wife, Helen, who had run away with the Trojan prince.

Have your education updated by spending on a guide, its well worth the money. And a Ripley's Believe or Not fact - excavations reveal parts of nine successive cities built on this famous site. Moving along, you reach the seaside town of Kusadasi. This city, though low on history and architecture should still definitely be on your travel list. Why? The town boats of some good beaches, Europe's biggest Water Park and an access point to Greece, which is only an hour n half away by ferry. Pammukale, about 90 minutes' drive from Kusadasi is a natural wonder that'll leave you spellbound and amazed. This is a place of unmatched beauty and serenity enhanced more so by the unblemished white all around, as though experiencing the beauty of Mother Nature in its virginity. Mineral Springs, is so called because what u see is not snow, but an entire ridge made up of mineral deposits, mainly calcium, hence the white color. Underneath this white blanket runs an underground stream, whose waters according to folk stories have healing properties. The walk is a small climb from the base of the town of Pammukale to the top of the rigde, but the walk is transforms you from the quiet sleepy town to the footsteps of the legendary city of Hierapolis which sits at the top of this natural wonder. Whilst this natural phenomenon is barely a few kms wide, its beauty runs along with you forever.

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